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You threw yourself onto your bed and heaved a heavy sigh.
"Was that a dream last night?" You wondered to yourself distantly. He'd said he was your guardian angel; he was kind of adorable too. Those blue eyes...oh, just the memory of them made you blush and hide your face in your pillow. Come to think of it, you hadn't been feeling so depressed today and the thought of suicide had never crossed your mind! It was as if you had been talking to a dear friend all night, explaining your fears, your wants, and your needs to someone close; someone like...your guardian angel. So it WASN'T a dream!
You sat up in your bed and blinked. Or was it?
You decided to see for yourself; you hadn't prayed in a while but you decided to give it a go.

"Dear God, if I really do have a guardian angel...can...can I see him again?"
You opened one eye, then the other only to find that no one was there. 'Oh well...' you thought to yourself.
'It was worth a try...'
"Greetings, (Y/N)." A familiar rough sounding voice greeted you from behind. You whipped around to see that angel from last night; your guardian angel.
"What is it you need?" He asked with a slight grin.
"Y-you're real! I have a guardian angel!" You squee in excitement.
He still wore the flowing trench coat, the white shirt and blue tie, and the black pants and shoes; maybe that was just how angels dressed; you liked it.
The angel gave you a confused stare as you shook in your jubilation.

"So angel,"
"My name is Castiel." He interrupted.
"Oh, sorry. So, Castiel, what do guardian angels do exactly?" You ask, walking towards him.
"We protect you from demons and take care of your souls."
"Oh." You say, taking everything in slowly.
A long moment passed as you just stare into his blue eyes; he really was adorable.

Castiel's expression hardened in confusion suddenly.
"Why do you not have any friends?" He asked.
You look at him, startled by his question.
"You mentioned it last night but you fell into sleep before you could explain."
"I guess...I'm not good enough to have friends..." you say after a moment of thought.
Castiel looked you up and down slowly, as if you intrigued him.
"You are a very interesting girl, (Y/N)." He said softly, taking your hand in his. You blush deeply and look down.
"Why do you say that?" You ask.
"You seem to rely on your outward appearance to give you confidence in yourself." He explained in a matter-of-fact tone.
"I'm not beautiful though..." you say quietly. He lifts your chin and looks into your deep (E/C) eyes.

"Your outward appearance does not make a difference. Your soul is illuminant and pure. You are a lovely human girl." He said gently, his blue eyed gaze softening.
Your heart thumped hard in your chest. Finally you'd found someone perfect! Finally someone thought you were worth something; and that someone was your guardian angel. Without a word, Castiel leaned his head down and you leaned yours up, not knowing what to expect before he placed a kiss on your forehead sweetly.
He left you wanting more when he pulled away and began to walk off, just about to fly off.

"S-stop." You say hesitantly. He turns to look at you in confusion; you can almost see the shadow of his wings on the walls.
"What is it that you need?" He asked with a slight tilt of his head and a small furrow in his brow.
"...C-can I...can I kiss you?" You ask slowly, unsure of whether you should have asked or not.
He stared at you for a moment before appearing inches from your face. You smile and take that as a yes.
“If you wish.” He said in a whisper.
You reach up and touch the angel's stubble studded chin; he seemed to relax against your touch. 'Am I in love with a...'
Your lips meet his softly and sweetly and he closes his eyes slowly. Your heart pounds hard and you want him so bad, but you restrain yourself. After a moment your lips part from his. You realize your arms had wrapped around his neck and his hands had found your waist.

Your guardian angel looked confused as he analyzed you with his eyes as if he were trying to figure something out. He let go of your waist and you withdrew your arms to your sides.
Castiel looked at you once more, nervously and fidgety, as he raised a hand towards your face but never let it touch your skin. Just before his silky soft fingers touched your cheek, he withdrew his hand hesitantly and disappeared with a quiet "Farewell."
A story, starring Castiel, Gabriel, and You the reader. Go on a journey of Romance, angst, and battle with Crowley with teh help of Sam and Dean. also, which Angel will you choose to have as yours forever??
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I didn't even know I could blush so much. I looked like I dunked my face in a saucepan of boiling water.
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